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Sacks intercambiables
Precio sack pequeño 18€
Precio sack rectangular 18€
Precio sack grande 20€

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Pequeño, Grande, Rectangular

Color Sack

Sack Blanco (white), Sack Amarillo (Y), Sack Naranja (O), Sack Rosa (R1), Sack Fresa (R2), Sack Lila claro (P1), Sack Lila oscuro (P2), Sack Morado (P3), Sack Rojo (R3), Sack Granate (R4), Sack Azul cielo (A1), Sack Azul turquesa (A2), Sack Azul oscuro (A4), Sack Verde claro (V1), Sack Verde oscuro (V2), Sack Verde-Marrón (V3), Sack Marrón (M), Sack Negro (black), Sack Amarillo fluor (FY), Sack Rosa fluor (FP), Sack Verde fluor (FG), Sack Naranja fluor (FO)


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